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Vision Clinic

Vision Preservation Experts in moses lake, wa

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Licensed Optometrists and Opticians

Trust the professional optometrists and opticians of Vision Clinic in Moses Lake, WA to address all your optical prescription needs. We fit and prescribe optical goods. Our company's goal is to bring you closer to a healthy pair of eyes. We carry a variety of products and offer several optical healthcare services to remedy and determine your optical problems.

Locally Owned Optical Service Center

Vision Clinic is a locally owned business that has been providing optical products and services to the residents of Moses Lake, WA and surrounding areas for several years. Our optical center has an onsite laboratory, where we diagnose eyesight problems and provide accurate prescriptions. Trust us to provide you with quality products and reliable eye care.
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Call Our Certified Optometrists

Call our certified optometrists and opticians at (509) 765-2125 and schedule an optical diagnosis today. You may also visit our shop and browse our wide array of optical supplies, including sunwear selections. All our products and services are insured and bonded for our mutual safety.